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I just love how the chart has relevance across the lifespan.  Parents can use it as a ‘checklist’ once their baby is in...

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- Colleen Bezeau, Editor & Publisher-Okanagan Child Magazine

Rainbow Family Testimonials!

Today I Ate A Rainbow™ is a wonderful way to help children to remember how important essential nutrients really are. As we say at Vitamin Angels: Essential Nutrients, Healthy Children! Thank you to ‘Today I Ate A Rainbow’™ for your support in making this world a healthier place. Upwards!

Howard B. Schiffer / Founder & President - Vitamin Angels

As a Naturopathic Doctor and mother I love the Rainbow chart. Engaging kids in healthy eating habits and establishing a healthy relationship with food at a young age is one of the best things a parent/caregiver can do. The chart is fun and allows kids a chance to be involved with their health and be proud and take ownership of their positive actions. I recommend Today I Ate a Rainbow™ Chart to every family I know.

Dr. Erika Holenski, B.Sc., ND - KW Health Connection

“Today I Ate A Rainbow™ is a terrific, tool for encouraging children from toddlerhood through tween to eat their fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables is a vital component in the future of our children’s health, and through its interactive, colorful, and visual appeal, Today I Ate a Rainbow™ has really hit the mark in achieving that goal!”

Christina E. Schmidt Wood, MS, NE / President - Baby Bistro Brands

As a Nutritional Consultant that focuses on whole foods eating, the Today I Ate A Rainbow™ charts have become a valuable tool for all my clients with young families. The absolute best way to prevent diseases and symptoms is to eat quality fruits and vegetables daily, to provide the fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and water required for optimal health. A rainbow is not just a fun tool for getting kids to eat their veggies; each colour of produce provides a different set of phytonutrients that protect a different system in the body. Eating a variety of colour provides all-over body protection. This chart is an excellent tool to keep your children not just not sick, but well!

Angela Wright, RNCP - Align Nutrition

I just love how the chart has relevance across the lifespan.  Parents can use it as a ‘checklist’ once their baby is introduced to solids, young children can strive daily to earn all their magnets, and adults can monitor their own fruit & veggie intake too.  It works for everyone!

Colleen Bezeau, Editor & Publisher - Okanagan Child Magazine

I purchased your product a month ago for my 2 year old and its been fantastic. He looks forward to trying to get a rainbow each day. Now my picky eater is probably one of the healthiest kids around. I love the product and have since recommended it to a number of friends and acquaintances. I've struggled with my picky eater for over a year now and this is the 1st thing that's actually realized any noticeable change. He gets so excited when he gets each magnet. He's still a picky eater, but definitely improving at a better pace now.

Julie Smith -

I just want to say that your chart is awesome! Both my kids will eat anything to get a magnet and complete the rainbow every day, and when they do, they always sing the song. The chart also helps me to plan their meals and add some variety every day. I tend to get stuck in ruts where we eat broccoli all the time, so it helps to give me ideas, too. It has really changed the way we eat, and has made our meal experience more positive. Plus, my kids are really learning how to eat healthy every day. Great idea!!

Cristina James, B.Ed. ~ Mother of Two, Daughter 5 & Son 3 -

Today I ate a Rainbow™ chart is a great tool for adults with disabilities because it helps them visualize how many servings of fruit and vegetables they need to eat each day. It also helps encourage a variety of colors and types of fruit and vegetables that they may not normally try out. I think this is a great tool for my clients as it is a fun way to track the colors that they eat.

Amy F. - TIER Support Services Ltd.

“I was a little skeptical at first… not that I didn’t think the idea was cute or that it could be used for a learning tool… but I didn’t think it would encourage my kids to eat healthier! I’ve never really had a problem to get my kids to eat healthy and they do like a wide variety of fruits and vegetables already… but of course, there’s always room for improvement.

We opened up the chart and put it on the fridge along with the magnets. I explained to the kids what the chart was all about and what it meant (we should be eating different colors of fruits and veggies everyday). They were very interested and of course they played with the magnets for about 10 mins. on the fridge! That night I was feeling bad that my kids hadn’t been eating much fruits and veggies (this was just before we were headed to Florida and of course I wasn’t stocking the fridge like I usually do). I got Mary Brown’s for supper that night and pulled out some baby carrots for the kids to eat with it. My son who usually is pretty good at eating what I put in front of him announces that he’s “not in the mood for carrots”. I casually mention that he needs to eat some “orange” remember. With that he stuffs the carrots in his mouth and runs to the fridge and puts his orange magnet on. Well, I’ll be darned… the chart actually works!

I have to say the chart is really a good idea for young children. It really encourages them to eat a rainbow! It’s been a great learning tool and has made us all aware of eating a variety of colors.”

Sarah Barnes -

Thank you so much for introducing me to your great chart Kia!!!  The kids love using it and have even started to help me plan their school snacks and lunches to make sure they get all of their rainbow colors for the day!  I cant believe how much they want to be involved!  I have always tried to educate them about the importance of fruits and veggies but you know how it is – in one ear and out the other.  The charts have given the kids an independant learning tool and now they ask me questions about produce!!  We recently went away for three days and my son wanted to bring the chart with us so he could keep track of his fruits and veggies – ha ha ha – I love it!  Great job Kia and good luck with this fantastic chart!!

Angie Rachkowski ~ Mother of two – son 7 and daughter 6 -

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