Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need to eat 5 different colors?
Phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables help give them their color, each color group has its own unique set of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients so when we eat from the different color groups it ensures that we are providing our bodies with a full spectrum of healthy goodness!

Eating 5 Colors a day is too hard for my picky eater. Any advice?
You bet! Rather than setting a goal of eating 5 colors a day switch it up to just 1 color a day with the goal of Eating a Rainbow in a week. That way you can ease your picky eater into the habit of eating fruits and vegetables every day and you can slowly build it up until you reach the goal of a rainbow every day!

My kid is SO picky! Will your chart work?
Ah yes the picky eater...such an interesting challenge for parents! Our chart has proven to be quite successful for picky eaters as long as you do it properly...and by properly we mean not expect them to eat a handful of broccoli...with picky eaters you want to approach things in baby steps so that best way to use our chart would be for them to start off with needing to have only a small nibble in order to get their magnet. If that is even too much at first, then have them kiss the fruit or veggie in order to get a magnet. We know that seems like such a small act but to a very picky eater it means a lot...the plan is get them to feel comfortable around the food. So the answer is YES it will work as long as you keep you expectations reasonable, you celebrate like crazy when they get their magnets and you keep it fun!

How do your school fundraisers work?
We are so excited to offer schools a healthy fundraiser option! All you need to do is fill out the request form on our Fundraiser page which you'll find under Education and one of our rainbow team members will get back to you right away. Schools don't have to any upfront costs...your students collect orders for the rainbow kits, payments are made to your school, one group order is placed with us along with payment and your order is then processed within 2 business days and shipped out to your school! It's as easy as that!

Do you have produce suggestions for the purple/blue group?!
We think that is the most challenging color group to eat daily! Around here our favorite ways to get our magnets in that group is to eat frozen blueberries, raisins, frozen blackberries or black olives! Sometimes switching up the texture makes it easier such as using frozen fruit!

Can I get a wholesale price for the rainbow kit?
Absolutely! Just send us an email or fill our out contact form and let us know you're interested in wholesale purchasing. Our minimum order to receive wholesale pricing is 12 rainbow kits.

How can I keep my kids motivated to keep eating rainbows?
We have found that setting weekly and monthly goals with rewards is really helpful! We have written a blog post full of ideas, you can read it here the main thing we do at our house is if our daughter eats a rainbow for 6 days in a row then she gets to pick a family activity that we'll do on the weekend. It could be playing a favorite board game, going to the pool, bowling, building a fort in the living room, having a picnic...just simple yet fun things that we can do together as a family to support her successful week of eating! Other families use toys, computer/tv time, movie nights as rewards. Everyone is different so take some time to find out what might motivate your kids the most!

My child will only eat fruit! Can they still use the rainbow chart?
Definitely! Of course the big picture goal would be for them to enjoy a rainbow of fruits and veggies but eating a rainbow of fruit is a great start!!! You could start the veggie eating adventure one day a week, if they take a nibble of a veggies they would get their magnet, but they only get their magnet if it's a veggie that's been eaten on that specific day.

Do you have fruit and veggie coloring sheets?
We sure do!!! Just visit our Kids Zone under Education and you'll find lots of free fruit and vegetable coloring and activity sheets! We're always adding more so be sure to check back!

Where can we learn the Today I Ate A Rainbow song?
You can watch our Rainbow Song videos on our videos page. We've collected and posted the videos of our rainbow girl through the'll see our chart change along with her!

What is the typical age group for this product?
Typically the 3 - 7 year olds are our age group however we do hear from families with younger and older kids that love using their rainbow kit. We actually had one happy customer buy another kit for her elderly father because he found it so helpful when he was visiting the age spectrum for our rainbow kit goes from 0 - 100.

Can I use this chart for my toddler?
We have many families that start using our rainbow chart when they first start feeding solids to their baby. We have a 3+ suggestion on our packaging because some children under the age of three might be tempted to put the magnets in their mouths. As long as the parents keep the magnets out of reach we think starting at age one would be fantastic because the younger the better when it comes to setting healthy eating habits!

How many people can track their rainbows on one chart?
We have included 4 distinct magnet sets (star, circle, triangle and square shapes) which means up to four people can keep track of their daily rainbows! If there are two children in the family then we certainly encourage mom and dad to join in the race to rainbow!