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Last week both my girls ate 2 different fruits b4 bed so they could complete their rainbow for the day and sing their song....

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- Michele Stalker-

Creating Tools That Help Parents Raise Healthy Kids

The inspiration behind the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit, founded in 2009 by Kia Robertson, is her bubbly little girl Hannah!

Having grown up as a very picky eater, Kia wanted to ensure that she did everything she could to establish healthy eating habits for her daughter. After reading about the importance of eating a rainbow, Kia, along with her husband Jamie, set out to make eating fruits and vegetables fun! Knowing their daughter, they knew they needed to create something fun and interactive to capture her interest.

They created the Today I Ate A Rainbow chart as a way to keep track of the produce that their daughter was eating while at the same time encouraging her to take responsibility for her food choices. This chart was so effective that they decided to make it available to other parents! Their goal is to help parents create an environment where kids will reach for an apple instead of junk food! Despite the information that is available on the importance of kids eating a minimum of five servings a day, studies from around the world have shown that kids aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables.

We think it’s time that parents have tools to that turn knowledge into action! Parents play the most important role when it comes to raising healthy kids which is why the Today I Ate A Rainbow products encourage children and their parents to work together to set healthy eating habits! The Robertsons’ formed a company called Rainbow Innovations Group and are already working on their expanded product line to encourage healthy eating for the whole family!

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