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Our 3 year old Willa has started to be a bit more discerning with what she will eat. She has developed a real affection for...

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- Kim Marshall-

Creating Tools That Help Parents Raise Healthy Kids

The inspiration behind the Today I Ate A Rainbow kit, founded in 2009 by Kia Robertson, is her bubbly little girl Hannah!

Having grown up as a very picky eater, Kia wanted to ensure that she did everything she could to establish healthy eating habits for her daughter. After reading about the importance of eating a rainbow, Kia, along with her husband Jamie, set out to make eating fruits and vegetables fun! Knowing their daughter, they knew they needed to create something fun and interactive to capture her interest.

They created the Today I Ate A Rainbow chart as a way to keep track of the produce that their daughter was eating while at the same time encouraging her to take responsibility for her food choices. This chart was so effective that they decided to make it available to other parents! Their goal is to help parents create an environment where kids will reach for an apple instead of junk food! Despite the information that is available on the importance of kids eating a minimum of five servings a day, studies from around the world have shown that kids aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables.

We think it’s time that parents have tools to that turn knowledge into action! Parents play the most important role when it comes to raising healthy kids which is why the Today I Ate A Rainbow products encourage children and their parents to work together to set healthy eating habits!


We are VERY excited and honored to partner with Karen Lindell – she is a mom and a Registered Dietitian who will be bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to our team! Here are a few words from Karen:

Hi everyone, I’m Karen Lindell and I am so excited to be partnering with Kia on Today I Ate a Rainbow!  I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom to a very active 8-year-old boy (Brandon), and lucky to be married to a wonderful and supportive husband (Ken).  They are my joys, and also challenge me as I try to get our family’s diet more rich in colorful plant foods.

I have always loved the “eat the rainbow” concept and Kia’s mission of getting children to eating more color is a cause near and dear to my heart.  She has done such an incredible job with the toolkit, website, blog and beyond.  I hope to add something more to this already awesome resource.  I recently taught a few nutrition classes at my son’s school using the rainbow them so I know kids love it as much as I do.  And their parents do too.  I look forward to the journey with you!


GUESS WHAT??? The cabbage contains almost as much water as watermelon. Watermelon is 92% water, cabbage is 90%.